The Viewing

Decisions Decisions!

We try really hard to prepare you for the viewing appointment. A lot of parents are overwhelmed by the pictures we show them, this is not marketing speak it really is true.

“Having watched this again, you can tell Lionel that I was emotionally incontinent for a second time! It is wonderful – thank you!”

Sarah Dunbar,  South West London , January 2014

We will show you a great number of exceedingly good pictures of your children. We have a box of tissues in the viewing room, I got rid of them at one point because I felt it just wasn’t right, the very next viewing both parents were in floods of tears (of joy) I had to run downstairs and retrieve the confiscated box of Kleenex for them. So, when we say we will show you pictures of your children as you have never seen them before we are not exaggerating.

If you are serious about buying images from us then it is worth ensuring that you come as a couple or that individually you are in a position to make important spending decisions that need to be made at the viewing appointment.

You may download our prices from the website and you will have been given an ‘Inspiration & price pack’ after your shoot, use that to establish what you are after. Unlike some of our peers we will never ‘Sell’ to you, we believe that our pictures sell themselves, which they do.

We act as advisors, that is all, we know our stuff, we know what looks good on the wall and we really know photography, but more than anything we show you a study bordering on an anthropological study, a series, a picture story about your child.

You will be presented with over a hundred supremely great pictures of your children and through a process of elimination you will, with our help, edit them down by half to a selection of your absolute favourites, it is then that you will need advice…


not a salesman! So please be assured, it is in our interest that you purchase the very best images from your shoot. Nobody at Nousha works on commission, if you don’t want to buy anything, that is fine you will not feel the pressure from us, we know that you will leave with a good impression and that you will tell your friends about us, that is worth it’s weight in gold to us.

We are a little business in a world of big corporate names that are trying to look like cottage industry, trouble is we actually are that and despite appearances we are a very very busy small artisanal studio, because of the limited number of staff we can economically employ we have to keep your viewings to one appointment, please understand that we want you to take your time selecting your images, that is why we give you one and half hours! Hence we would like you to come to your decision in that time.

We archive images you purchase from us, we don’t keep images not purchased at the viewing.

At the viewing you will be shown all of the 1st edit pictures that have been meticulously prepared for you, with our help you will edit them down to those you love, it is then that you can decide what you want to do with them.

We will guide you, we will tell you if we think you are getting rid of a good picture, ultimately the decision is yours, but we do this all the time we know pictures that will give enjoyment and have depth.

In the first five minutes of the viewing a lot of our clients have a tendency to ditch all those pictures of children not smiling and those where they are not looking straight to camera. We would like to encourage you to break with that convention, this is portraiture in its purest form, we are looking for the whole range of expressions in your children, happy, serious, mischievous, thoughtful in fact the whole gamut of expressive emotions, portraits, profiles to name but a few.

One of our customers recently called one of her pictures a “Nousha Picture” by that she meant it was a very strong image, but no smile, the expression was one of contemplation more than anything else, it was disarming, not something you would expect from a family portrait studio, well that is what we do and that was why she had come to us, for the ‘Nousha Picture’. I say to people, how many smiling portraits do you find in the National Portrait Gallery?

If you are going to put a strong picture on the wall it should be something that you can get new enjoyment from every day you walk past it. A smile is one message, once you’ve seen it that’s it really, but a more contemplative, morose expression allows you to muse on what thoughts they had at that very moment for years…

Of course it’s not all about that! We do capture real joy in our pictures, siblings together, pictures illustrating their relationship can be marvellously entertaining and telling.

We shoot for sequences, little picture stories in three pictures or six, a collection of expressions in a child framed together gives no end of enjoyment when seen hanging at home.

We have customers who return every two years and now have collections hanging together from the ages of 2 years to 10 years old.

Your edit can take some time to achieve, as you can imagine it gets harder with every pass. Eventually you have to grind to a halt, the edit is quite exhausting and emotive so it can be a relief to stop losing pictures.

You can now begin thinking about putting into action your thoughts about how to present these wonderful pictures. I hope that our little illustrated price list will have ignited a spark of inspiration in you, enough to have moved you to think seriously about where you would like to see these pictures and what sizes suit your home.

Our framed pictures tend to live in parents bedrooms, hallways, playrooms, stairwells, they make fairly extraordinary presents for grandparents and relatives. These images are a permanent aide-memoire of what your little darling(s) was(were) like when he/she were still little darlings!

These pictures get handed down through generations, they are little bits of finely crafted furniture displaying  beautiful pictures of what are, after all, your most treasured possessions and finest creations.

We are here to help you make the right decision, that’s all.