The Shoot

Your photo session should last no more than one hour, this very much depends on the number of children you are having photographed and how compliant they are.

One session can be no more than 6 people (4 children and 2 adults) any more people will require a booking of a double shoot, please call us to arrange it on 0203 8000 292 as we have no online facility to book this.

We say the duration is no more than an hour normally we can be finished in 40 minutes. We work quickly, the speed is essential because a little child can get tired and bored in minutes, we have a lot to do in that short space of time.

If for any reason things go awry and we don’t get the pictures we are looking for the photographer will tell you and arrange for another session within two weeks to try again, we would ask that you make a note of the clothes you were wearing and return in the same outfits (continuity!). The return session is of course free. We won’t give up until we are satisfied.

That’s not to say we will give up come the first obstacle during the shoot, in our experience a quick slurp of Ribena water and a bite of chocolate couple of raisins is usually enough to sort problems out.

The studio appears a little sparse for a reason, filling a big white room with equipment can be very scary to a little person, so we limit ourselves to two lights, but two lights of the very highest order. Be aware that there will be a lot of flashing in the studio and that we have CCTV in most public areas, so you will be filmed.

At the photo session we will insist that you, the parents, appear in a couple of family pictures, this will take no longer that 5-10 minutes. These pictures are important for no other reason that they make the children feel comfortable in the space and comfortable with the photographer.

If we feel it appropriate we will ask you to leave the children in the studio, you will be on the other side of a door and will be able to hear everything, generally many giggles and much laughter, but if you are needed you will be close by. If we think

your child will benefit by your staying in the studio then you will be asked to sit quietly and watch, we are not being rude, but we need to have the complete attention of your little’un. If we need help we will ask!!!!

We discourage toys or comfort blankets in the pictures but bringing them along they can…well be a comfort.

We will photograph siblings together and each child separately, sometimes we will keep siblings in the studio to assist in entertaining their brother or sister, other times we will photograph them in turn alone, it depends on how we feel they will cope with being alone in the studio. Be assured that being in the studio is fun and they will enjoy it, we hear of children still talking about their session three months later…

We operate a Japanese shoe etiquette in the studio, so please remove your shoes and socks before entering the studio.

We like to see children’s feet in pictures, so if you can avoid tights please do. Cover unsightly nappies with elasticated cotton pants please (similar colour to the clothing), you will thank me for that tip.

We assume you are coming to us because you like what we do, so trust us, we really do know what we are doing, please do not ask us to detract by doing a quick Linkedin portrait, we won’t. Any reasonable picture request involving the children will be met as long as we are not overtime and we have achieved what we need.

The studio is a grown up place where we specialise in photographing children and their families, we do nothing else, if you ask us to cover a wedding we will politely refuse.

We do not provide toys, play areas, food or drink. We can however recommend some good places…

The shoot fee covers the photo session and all the preparation of your images for the 90 minute viewing appointment.

Unlikely though this may be, if you don’t like any of the images we show you, there is no refund.

Rest assured you will be looked after, what more could you ask for? Enjoy your time with us.

Lionel & Claire

Founders of Nousha.