The Edit

You’ve had your shoot and booked your viewing appointment. Four experts in their fields will now spend a day preparing your images for the viewing.

We shoot a lot of material during your session, in the old days of film one had to be a little more circumspect as film was expensive and for each roll of film there was the additional cost of developing.

It all changed with digital, and we rubbed our hands with glee at the savings!

Not for long… as file sizes grew larger and the quality got ever better it soon became apparent that digital brought with it vast advantages over film, but massive unexpected costs and a steep learning curve to keep up with all the innovations that followed, as the quality increased our computers ground to a halt they just could not handle the increase in data.

When Canon launched the 5DMK3 we were first in line and ordered a few, almost double the quality of its predecessor. When you double the quality, you also double everything else! New Mac Pros were ordered with loads and loads of memory, more compact flash cards for the shoots and of course yet another server for backups, we shoot on average 1.5 terabytes a weekend, our servers are gargantuan.

The result is after your shoot we have a lot of great material to edit down to the “creme de la creme”, we call it the 1st edit. The photographer will go through your images and make a selection from the whole shoot of the very best, of course it depends on how many you are in the session, but we habitually shoot about 300-400 images for one child.

The 1st edit can be a tortuous affair of comparison and decisions based on what we like, what we expect you to like and sometimes what we love but know you may not, if it is aesthetically wonderful and fits our house style it has to make the grade so we just cross our fingers in the hope you will share our opinion. The 1st edit can take up to 2 hours, more if there are more children.

1st edit completed, the images will be passed on to another for preparation for the viewing.

There is a lot of jumping around in the shoot as you will have seen, sometimes a great picture will not entirely have the studio backdrop in it so that has to be corrected in Photoshop.

All images are shot in the RAW format so have to be processed to Black & White.

We pride ourselves in achieving some of the best black & white in the business, a good print must have all the graduations of grey a true black and a true white, expert eyes know an exceptional black and white from a mediocre one.

Your images will be pored over, tweaked, adjusted, cropped, six pairs of eyes will be the judges before you get to see them.

Other nice things are prepared for you to see that take an equal amount of time to complete, they are a surprise so not much point telling you about them now!

We only begin work on the preparation of your pictures when you have booked your viewing appointment, so we need some warning before you come in.

Once your pictures are ready they will be loaded into software in readiness for your arrival.