“We ask all our customers to review their time spent with us at Nousha Photography, not everyone chooses to do so, but those that have, sent us what you see below, a big thank you to everyone.
If you want pictures that will move you, studies of your children that will reveal them as the little individuals they are then you have landed in the right place.
I trust that our clients testimonials along with our pictures on this site will serve to convince you of our fervent belief in portraiture as an art.
As a family portrait photographer in London we at Nousha all strive for excellence.”

Lionel Cherruault.

ps we love them all but our favourite bits are highlighted in red !

I don't usually go in for the whole promotion thing. But I wanted to tell you about the fantastic experience we had at...

Posted by Louis Florentin-Lee on Friday, 20 November 2015

"Very professional"

Mark Mitchinson, Guilford, January 2016

We loved the shoot and thought that Lionel was fantastic with the girls.
We all enjoyed it enormously which was unexpected! We also enjoyed the viewing - surroundings were lovely and exactly as we imagined them to be, and we were guided through the elimination process very professionally. We did think that the offer of a drink would be nice in an appointment of that length.
And we're absolutely delighted with our photos and it was agony to have to leave any behind.

Jenny Myddleton, Redhill, Surrey, December 2015

"First photo shoot with our baby and it was awesome"

Smera Chohan, South West London July 2015

"Photographer was amazing and very good with Harry"

Gemma Harvey-Perry, South West London, October 2015

I came to Nousha with my grandchildren, 4 and 7, who had an absolutely lovely time being photographed.

If I had to describe the experience in a word, I would say 'slick'. There was no time wasted, yet we were not rushed. The resulting photographs were natural and joyful. They made me smile. I wish I could have afforded all of them. Thank you.

Linda Kerr, South West London, November 2015

We had a great experience!
My only regret was that I failed to notice your mention of family photos ... I was so focused on the fact that your main objective is child portraiture that I somehow skimmed over the part about parents!
As a result, we were not exactly prepared to be part of the shoot.

Alexandra Seidel, West London November 2015

We really enjoyed our sessions with Nousha and it was unexpectedly emotional seeing such lovely photos of the family.
The whole process was very professional but friendly. The only negative was not getting an opportunity to be able to purchase the video that is shown in the follow up session - the reasons why were explained to us at the time and I do understand - it is just such a shame as that will probably be my lasting memory from the experience and I would have loved to have shared it with my husband (who was not able to attend) and other family members. I even tracked down the piece of music that was played to remind me!

Louisa Crane, Purley, December 2015

Great session,
Better results than we expected and fast selection process (only wish we could keep the video bits).
The communication about not bringing children to the review session was a bit patronising (obviously parents have to use their own judgement).

Rachel Godwin, Twickenham, October 2015

Response from Nousha : We advise that you don't bring the children to the viewing, this is just based on our experience and never ever intended to be patronising, if it comes across that way then please accept our apologies.

 A great number of parents that get to the viewing and nod knowingly at us saying " Now we understand why you suggest we leave the children at home" It is just advice, bring the children if you have no alternative, but we have found that the decision process is very involved and requires focused concentration not conducive to having to worry about small children at the same time,  don't say we didn't warn you :-)

"I was very positive about the whole experience.
I thought that the environment was welcoming yet calm.
Whilst I saw little of the shoot itself (which in itself was rather a relief) the children evidently had a lot of fun and the results were stunning.
In fact by far the most stressful element of the whole experience was choosing best shots and having to discard others."

Nick Osborne, South West London, November 2015

Professional, smooth and friendly process.

Michelle Samson, North West London, October 2015

"We were very happy with our photographs of our daughter and family from Nousha Photography and have a multiple frame with 24 different photos which is a great talking point and everyone comments on."

Trevor Green, North West London, August 2015

"It was a good experience"

Penny Whitbread, Grantham, Lincolnshire London July 2015

"Loved it from start to finish , knew from the first click of the camera something truly special was being recorded. Professional , slick but most of all fun for the littl'uns who performed above par on account of feeling instantly at ease with the photographer. Images I will treasure for ever . Thank you to all involved."

Rebecca Oldfield, Ashford Kent, July 2015

It was great fun. We all enjoyed it and the children wanted to do it all over again the next day!

Susie Wontner-Smith, South West London, July 2015

"I never allow anyone to take my photo and our 17 year old son is even worse, so, that you managed to make the whole experience fun and painless is extraordinary!
I think you should let other families with older, reluctant, self conscious children (and adults) know that it really is a positive, even life enhancing experience. I am beyond thrilled to be receiving some superb photos of our family including the first good ones ever of all of the children together. They will be amongst my most precious possession."

Vicky Trice, South East London, June 2015

Thanks it was great and the kids loved it!

Batsheva Cahan, North West London, June 2015

Staff were all very professional throughout the entire experience. Waiting room was comfortable. Photographer was charismatic & made us feel good about having our photo taken . Pretty seamless service . My only comment is that your prices are extremely high!

Jan Stern, West London, May 2015

Gus was teething at the time of the shoot, and is very hard to get a smile out of him - but you were very persistent to keep trying to get that smile. I was okay with a few mood shots as know the smile  is very rare with Gus - think I have only captured one myself.

Anna Cowie, South West London, May 2015

Friendly greeting on arrival and waiting area pleasant and large enough for the children to move around! They were very quickly put at ease in the studio and the end result delightful and very moving.

Gill Halyburton, South West London, May 2015

Everything was excellent. I felt that your prices were too high for me to justify the purchases.

Tom Goldsmith, South West London, April 2015

A lovely experience and fun

Claire Whittle, South West London, March 2015

Excellent information in email pre-shoot which was useful to know what to expect but perhaps it would have been good to have a short verbal 'brief' on arrival to make it clear again about what was about to happen both at the shoot and the process of returning to view the images etc as a bit of an 'ice breaker' if nothing else Otherwise, it was a fun, enjoyable experience

Francesca Morris, South East London, March 2015

it was a great experience, tough on my special needs son who cannot stand flashes but Lionel managed creatively to convince him that taking pictures can be fun without the flash and the noise of it. None of us felt intimidated which you can see in the result.

Theres Herrgott, North London, February 2015

I liked the fact that the shoot was short. We've had sessions in the past that went on way too long and with young children, this is simply exhausting. The fact that you captured such amazing photographs in such a short session is one of the reasons we will definitely be back

Courtney Corkhill, South West London, February 2015

Thank you so much for the absolutely beautiful portraits of our daughters, Kensa and Seren. The quality of the prints and the framing is superb. We will treasure these photographs always and we are so happy to have them for our family

Andrea Murray-Sinn, Battersea, London July 2014

“Is it ok to admit that I have watched the slideshow on repeat for the last hour? It’s been a wonderful experience - with amazing photographs of Teddy to treasure. I can’t find the right words to express the joy that we will feel looking at these photographs, and how lucky we feel that Lionel has captured the true spirit of our son for us to enjoy for ever and ever. Rest assured we WILL be telling everyone we know about you.”

Molly Dallas, Oxfordshire July 2014

Thanks Lionel & Claire. It's a very high quality product and we love it!

Olli and Amy Lazenby, South West London, June 2014

We wanted to thank Nousha + Team for the amazing family pictures and family photos of our daughter. We were dreaming of a photo with the whole family (including our beloved cat Rolf) and only found one cat-loving photographic company. It is a very special gift to have been able to have a picture as special as this. So thank you a million times!

The Bragg Family, South West London June 2014

A little note to say a very big thank you for our lovely family portrait. Your style of photography is so elegant it really captures the beautiful expressions of our little girl. We will really cherish our photograph, thank you all for your time and talents!

Tiffany Baxter-Warman, South West London, June 2014

Iris and I thoroughly enjoyed our photoshoot at nousha. At 12 months Iris was at a tricky age. Very mobile and so hard to contain in one spot. Lionel made it all stress free and lots of fun. the resulting photos are beautiful and capture a 1 year old Iris perfectly, Many thanks

Lucy Larkin, South West London, May 2014

We have only positive things to say! The process was easy and we felt looked after. Everyone was incredibly polite and our photographer was superb with our baby. We absolutely love our picture, it’s addictive - I can’t stop looking at it. Many many thanks xxx

Jane Ludford, South West London , May 2014

Having watched this again, you can tell Lionel that I was emotionally incontinent for a second time! It is wonderful - thank you!

Sarah Dunbar,  South West London , January 2014

Dear Lionel, Claire and team,

I must apologise for such a late note of thanks. We have all been in Common Entrance mode for the last two weeks! Thank you so much for the beautiful photographs of the three children. They are stunning. Such wonderful prints and the size makes them remarkable. You have such a great set-up the whole process was very easy even with three (children SIC). We hope to return for another session in a couple of years. Thank you again.

Macaela Jackson, South West London, May 2013

From the first minute of the shoot Lionel put my children at ease and captured the essence of their personalities. The photograph are a true study of each one and a joy to have!

Georgina Blaskey, South West London, April 2013

Very professional and nice work. Most impressed at your service and presentation, wonderful job, well done.

Kishore Reddy, West London, February 2014

Sorry its taken so long to fill this in. That’s life with young kids!

We enjoyed our photo session with Lionel, who did a good job of putting us all at ease. The result was more great photos than we know what to do with. Lovely, friendly service. Definitely recommended. Thank you.

Clare Lucraft & Douglas Thomson, North London. October 2013.

An enjoyable experience for all the family, even the little ones, followed by beautiful results. If only we’d had a bigger budget…

Janet Nahal West London February 2013

Warning to all parents:

Take a handkerchief- you will weep when you see the results ..!  We will be forever grateful for the utterly beautiful photographs that Nousha created and captures of our four year old daughter. Everything is beautifully presented and packaged and made a perfect birthday present for my husband. Our daughter loved the shoot itself and still talks about it now, three months on.

Katherine Burgess, South West London, February 2013

Just a quick email to thank you so much for such a great experience. We are so thrilled with the pictures and can’t wait to see them framed and can’t wait to see the slideshow later today.

We will definitely be recommending you to our friends! Thank you Lucie x

Lucie Lambert, West London,  January 2013

We would like to warmly thank you for the amazing framed photographs. I have given lots of Nousha cards to mothers after school, and you will hopefully be contacted by new clients.

Sophie & Joel Horowitz, North London, January 2013

Seeing the finished products we were absolutely blown away. Watching the slideshow really overwhelmed me; and when we left Craig also said the same. Our family is growing and we will not hesitate to come back to you guys for an updated portrait.

Denise Scotchford, South East London, August 2012

What a fantastic experience, we were made to feel so at ease, even the dogs were happy to oblige! The end result is fantastic beautiful photos in wonderful frames, an experience we will never forget.

Carrie Clements, South East London, August 2012

Your photographs are amazing; you managed to get us all to look like film stars, which is astonishing considering what you had to work with ! Many thanks for your time and artistry.

Martin Williams, South East London, August 2012

Awesome photos. Great decorating suggestions...  We will tell friends to come see you!

Christina Kohle, Hampstead, August 2012

We as a family enjoyed the whole experience of the day of the photographing and even more on the day we saw the wonderful photos, we have not stopped talking about it to friends and family. You were all friendly but still consummate professionals. I’m sure we will be back in the not to distant future.

Anne Smith, West London, July 2012

Photography made fun; no stiff poses, no sitting for ages, just lots of laughs and larking around resulting in some wonderfully natural pictures... and we had such fun!
Thank you so much - our pictures make us smile every time we look at them!

Suzannah Bartlett, South West London, June 2012

The pictures speak for themselves - wonderful. Thank you to everybody. Lionel was great with the kids and it shows in the results.

Elena Faraoni, West London May 2012

WOW - AMAZING! I’ve now watched this five times over and every time I’ve had more tears than the last! What an amazing and beautiful thing. The photos are absolutely stunning - you all look so lovely! the photographer has captured some beautiful pictures - Brilliant!

Louise Leigh commenting on Cath Tinker images, South West london, April 2012

We loved all the photos, so hard to choose!

Rosie Mitchell, March 2012

"Quite brilliant!"

Alexandra Barker, West London, March 2012

Fantastic job! We are moving into our new home in 2 months and your picture is the first piece of furniture. We will decorate our new family home around it

Alex and Marie Von Spoweck, West London, March 2012

Just a great experience with such a wonderful result, Nousha Rocks!

Edward Parsons, London, February 2012

"Absolutely nothing bad to say, all good. We’ve been to photographic sessions in the past but this has to be the most fun we’ve had with the camera. the girls are still talking about Lionel now!
Lionel was very welcoming and quickly put us at our ease. He was very chatty with the girls and engaged them for the whole time so there no element of boredom.
The viewing was a joy a magical time of really having uninterrupted time to enjoy our children. Lionel really captured the essence of our children, their character, heart + soul.
We now have the most amazing photos of our family and the slideshow which I have self indulgently shared with many of my friends. I can’t stop delighting in the images every time I watch. thank you so much."

Alison Threlfall, Reading Berkshire, February 2012

We have been very impressed by Nousha. We love the photographs and the service has been faultless, thank you.

Tona Fairhurst, South West London, February 2012

Amazing photographs that we will treasure forever.

Shona Fleming, South East London November 2012

Every aspect of the service was very professional. the shoot was relaxing and fun. The results speak for themselves - and I’ve never had so many wonderful comments on Facebook!

Anne Britain (Melbourne) November 2012

Our session with you was truly memorable and fun. Not surprised that the pictures you took are spectacular and special. Only wish we we could have taken home more. Would absolutely love to come back again and will definitely recommend you to our friends.
Love our photos !!

Monika Vijh, Epping, Essex, October 2012

Lionel, you are a total genius! Absolutely stunning shots of all the kids. When we win the lottery we will be back to buy them all!

Tim Ingles, West Sussex. April 2011

An amazing time was had by all the family. The pictures are proof of the pleasure. Thank you for capturing our happiness.
PS Also thank you for your patience regarding my computer!!

Margaret Von Speyr, East Sussex. April 2011

We enjoyed doing the photos. The children were happy. The viewing went well, also so long because difficult to choose. The team was flexible with timetable, friendly and patient.
We like the photo we bought very much.

Laurence Cordonnier, South West London, March 2011.

How could we say anything bad! The kids and I loved the experience and Lionel you were fab with the kids! Oh yeah, forgot to add, photos are great.

D Mundle, South East London. January 2011

We had a great experience with Nousha. Lionel was wonderful with our twin girls during the shoot and we are delighted with the resulting photographs which have captured everyone's personality and especially the girls cheekiness! Thanks so much.

Jane Duncan Ribeiro, South West London. June 2011

We won a picture in a competition but absolutely could not resist buying more. The photographs are works of art and will be something to treasure forever. What we really appreciated was the way the pictures captures our son's characters. The whole experience was terrific fun and despite having a plethora of wonderful pictures to choose from, the process of focusing in on the really outstanding, special ones was also made easy by Lionel’s expert eye (and his patience!)

Julie Joe, South East London. July 2011

Lionel’s photographs are wonderful - he has managed to capture our son's characters on camera and the whole family are in love with the result. He has given us photographs that we will treasure for a lifetime and i’m sure we’ll be back for more.

Samantha Gleave, South West London. July 2011

The experience was absolutely fab! Lionel made the boys feel ‘at home’ and amazingly managed to get the teenagers to smile! All was executed so professionally and the whole family were very happy to receive the slideshow. I will definitely be recommending Nousha to anyone who is considering a photo shoot. Thanks so much... everytime I pass by the photos on the wall they make me smile.

Daniela Harwood, Nr Aylesbury. August 2011.

Really beautiful, fun shots of our beautiful, fun children. We loved the session- could have spend a lot longer there with Lionel. We loved the slideshow on the “Big Reveal” session and we are still loving the photos. Thank you.

Cobb, South West London. September 2011.

Cannot thank you enough. You were both so kind and did not make us feel uncomfortable at all for deciding just to take our complimentary photograph. It really was a wonderfully kind thing to do with honestly ‘no strings’ so thank you we really appreciate it. I love the photograph and have always wanted a portrait just like this, not only will I think how lovely and thoughtful she looks but it will also make me think of your generosity. I keep looking at in now as I write this and if ever we are in a position to have portraits of the boys I will certainly return to yourselves for the set - to be honest I want my shelves full of them as my other pictures don't quite ‘cut the mustard’! Thank you. Thank you. It’s wow, unbelievably amazing, I love it.

Nariane Ford, South West London. October 2010.

The children loved the photo session, though they were a bit nervous at first not knowing what to expect, they were put at their ease really quickly and really enjoyed the attention. The slideshow was fantastic - was also an excellent marketing tool, as there were so many great photos to choose from. The photos showed me a different images of us, especially the children - in a way it’s quite a strange feeling.

It was all done very professionally and efficiently while at the same time very warmly and friendly.

Claudia Yastremiz, South East London. September 2011.

As I commented at the time to Lionel, the photographs of my lovely girls, Amber and Ava are perfection. Thank you for my photograph which sits proudly in our kitchen.. Happy memories indeed.

J Morris, South East London. August 2011.

We were all made to feel relaxed and very much at home on the day of our photo shoot. The beautiful photographs are evidence that we all had fun as a family. The camera after all never lies!

The service from taking photos to the hanging of the pictures on the wall was very well catered for an excellent. If we were to make an improvement, we would have like to be offered a drink. After being in the spotlight and the girls jumping around we all got rather thirsty!

Thank you for the experie and most importantly our amazing portraits. Good luck for the future. Family Bright.

Johanna Bright, South East London. May 2011

Thank you - we are thrilled with your photographs - take and produced with such skill. The kids had great fun during the shoot - which is clearly evident in the beautiful images you’ve captured - thank you again!

Liz Brabyn, South West London. October 2011

The children loved the photo session, though they were a bit nervous at first not knowing what to expect, they were put at their ease really quickly and really enjoyed the attention. The slideshow was fantastic - there were so many great photos to choose from. The photos showed me a different image of us, especially the children - in a way it’s quite a strange feeling.

It was all done very professionally and efficiently while at the same time very warmly and friendly.

Claudia Yastremiz, South East London. September 2011.

Perfect. Just the right balance between posed and natural! The fact that you got so many great shots of us with our two very active boys and a baby is impressive! Keep up the great work - we’ll be back!

Fenella Aouane, South West London. October 2011.

We were delighted with the photographs. The most difficult decision was deciding which photos to buy since so many were excellent. I would recommend Nousha Photography to families as they are able to bond their children to achieve great results - even moody teenagers.

Christopher North, South West London. November 2011.

Great, timeless pictures - thanks.

A Mayhew, December 2011.

Lionel is a superbly talented photographer who captures the very essence of our little boy and made him feel comfortable during the shoot. The final products are stunning. We are absolutely thrilled with our photos and particularly the large framed photos. A huge thank you to all at Nousha.

Jessica Dutton, South West London. October 2011

Really wonderful photos and a pleasure to deal with you at all stages.

Stephanie Conder, West London. November 2011.

The communication and information received prior to the shoot, to set expectations and to educate us on what the whole process was, was fantastic.

Excellent service, personal & professional at the same time.

The processes you have in place and the people, are fantastic. Photo shoot was relaxed, a lot of fun, and took no time at all.

Our little one thought of the whole thing as an adventure and seemed to love it. Viewing session was very well done - perfect comfortable atmosphere, with such a large screen, and not feeling rushed, expert input on how to choose between the gorgeous photos was very helpful.

True to your philosophy and words, there was not a hint of anyone being sales-y and that is another huge point of difference. Loved the whole process.

Kyoko Inaba, London W9, June 2016