Lionel Cherruault

A professional photographer for over thirty years, classically trained in the art of portrait photography he specialised in photographing the British Royal family for twenty years, now back to his roots of portraiture at Nousha Photography specialising in family portrait photography in London

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From the young age of eleven I was encouraged to take pictures by my father, I learnt my trade at Camera Press ‘the’ leading photographic agency in the world at the time. I worked my way up through the agency (tea-maker, messenger, darkroom) to become their staff photographer for seven years.

At Camera Press I photographed the great and the good (and the not so good) Politicians, Actors, Authors, Artists in fact almost everything and everyone (I am more than happy to ramble on about it all when you come for your shoot).

With the arrival of the bright young Lady Diana I chose to specialise in photographing the British Royal Family.

I did so for nearly twenty years. Accredited and invited by Buckingham Palace to cover official UK Royal rota engagements and Royal Tours to seventy countries, so you could at a stretch say your family pictures are almost ‘By Appointment’ (Don’t suppose the Palace would be very pleased about that though) I was Royal Correspondent for Sipa Press Agency in Paris for more than ten years.

I was awarded the Martini ‘Royal Freelance Photographer’ and ‘Best Royal Portfolio’ of the year in the 80’s.

Commissioned and published on countless occasions by, (amongst the most notable) Vogue London, Paris Match, Bunte, Oggi,Time, Newsweek, Hello, Hola, Quick and many more…

I have opened fifteen successful studios for a high street franchise. My three lovely daughters who are all well used to my pointing a camera at them from very early ages, one of them (Nicole) has already turned the camera on me and Claire (obviously runs in the family).

I am quite capable of making a complete prune of myself just to get a giggle from you and your children, I am not scary at all and seem to have the patience of a saint with children (the checkout queue at the supermarket is a different matter altogether). My wife Claire and I run Nousha Photography together.

A photosession with Lionel is a ‘Premium Shoot’ by special arrangement 




Tilly was hired for her extraordinary existing portfolio and her tenacity and stubbornness when applying for a job with us, a refreshing thing to see !

She has learnt a lot since joining us and has shown great ability in her photography, she has spent many months just sitting in on shoots and understanding our very particular approach in photo sessions. She has now taken on the mantle of Nousha photographer, she will go on to do great things!  Lionel


Throughout my life I’ve had two passions; photography and working with children, so it’s not surprising that I’ve become a children’s photographer.

After receiving my first DSLR camera at 16, my love for photography began to grow. Since then I’ve studied it, I’ve worked on it, and I’ve discovered the type of photographs I want to produce.

Studying photography and Fine Art has certainly developed my understanding of what I see as a good photograph, but I think it was growing up in a beautiful big family that developed my love of capturing moments through photographs.

After studying I went on to work in a number of different businesses (all of which happen to be based around children!) but throughout that time I realised I was actually focused on my photography.

Working in a clinic for children with special needs developed my ability to engage with children of all backgrounds and life experiences, It also helped me to develop the patience needed to capture a peaceful moment with a child who may need that extra time or a little extra help to tell me about their favourite toy.
I first discovered Nousha Photography two years before I actually even contacted Lionel. I remember taking Nousha’s business card and thinking, this business is a level above the rest. In fact I never actually thought for a moment that I would be working for them 2 years later! Lionel has taught me how to capture the timeless photographs that Nousha offers and it is a privilege/joy to be able to say that I look forward to photographing your children.



Brodie has just joined us at Nousha Photography, she has much experience in this field, we look forward to Nousha-ising her !!!!!

I moved to London in the summer of 2015 after studying photography at university in my home town of Wolverhampton. My love for studio photography and portraiture means I am a creative, I love producing those natural moments between a family.

My love for children means we have a huge amount of fun during the photo shoot and make everyone feel comfortable. I really do love the thought of a family looking back at my pictures in ten years time and remembering what a lovely experience they had  with me.

I am so excited to be working at Nousha Photography especially for what the future brings within the company.